Thoughts on Kindle

My first Kindle was acquired way back in 2012, and while the honeymoon phase was sweet, we eventually parted ways in a mutually beneficial split -- that is, I sold it on Kijiji for $85, which probably bought me some licorice. At the time of purchase, that Kindle (now known as the Kindle Keyboard) was Amazon's second-best-in-class, and while it mostly did its job, I wound up hating it for its distinctly un-book-like experience.

Because keyboard. Books don't have keyboards.

Enter 2016. Although I continue to make good use of my library card, I also find myself reading ebooks on my phone, specifically books that aren't available at my library, such as self-published books. Self-published books are a whole 'nother topic for a whole 'nother day, but I was reading enough of them to convince myself I needed a larger, equally portable device for reading-on-the-go purposes. Preferably one that wouldn't aggravate my screen-induced eyestrain.

Clearly the only solution was to get another ereader. That's logic, not consumerism. Ahem.

So come Amazon's Prime Day sale, I bought myself another Kindle, this one the Kindle Paperwhite. You can find all the specs on Amazon so I won't detail them here, but suffice it to say that it was a spanking good deal. I kind of love it. I love it a lot.

No keyboard, a touchscreen, an adjustable light... it's simple and it works. As with good writing, a well-designed ereader gets out of its own way in favour of the story. When I was reading on my Kindle Keyboard I was very conscious of the device. The Paperwhite may as well be a book to me. This is perhaps because all I do is read on it (no note-taking/highlighting/looking shit up), but for what I want it to do, it's perfect.

As for what I'm currently reading, I'm about to embark on the third volume of Jen Blood's Erin Solomon series, which I also got on sale. More on that later.