Words on a Page

Sometimes, before I open a well-reviewed, highly-touted book, I get this feeling like when I try to read it I won't be able to. Not as in the words will be too long or the subtext will go over my head, but as in it will be in some kind of mystical language only ~*special*~ people can understand. Then I open the book and see it's written with the same 26 letters I use, the letters arranged the same way I arrange them, into words I understand, no less, and that the book has commas and periods and hey, I can read this. It's just words on a page.

The same thing goes for writing. Good writing isn't dependant on fairy dust or muses or an innate talent like the world has never seen. Sure, those things help, but ultimately good writing is just the result of putting words on the page, over and over again until you get it right.

Practice. Practice. Practice some more. Because the magic comes from you.

Image Source: Tumblr