From the Trenches: Week 1 Update

So my first week of NaNo and of Whole30 is behind me. NaNo's going pretty well, in the sense that I'm getting words on the page and the plot is moving forward. After spending so much time rewriting and editing Along Came December, it's strange to be starting from square one again. The big difference between writing the first draft of my first novel and writing the first draft of my second novel? This time I know the first draft is crap. I'm spending less time and effort trying to make things perfect (or even halfway decent) because I know it'll all get reworked anyway. Progress marches forward, and so does my word count. Aces.

As for Whole30, I think the worst of it has passed. The first few days all I could think about was the stuff I wasn't supposed to eat, and I would morosely munch on carrot sticks as I dreamt of Halloween candy. The cravings, if that's indeed what they were, are gone now, and I'm basically content eating meat, eggs, nuts, fruits, and veggies. Don't get me wrong, I'm eager for November to be over so I throw some variety back in my diet, but it's not a herculean effort to turn down dessert. There will always be cake, and in December I'll have some.

Perhaps as a test of my mettle, I've gotten sick for the first time in almost a year. Head cold, sore throat, general fatigue. Normally I'd indulge in some comfort food (like Kraft Dinner... don't judge me), but thanks to Whole30 I just eat more veggies. You'd think all the extra nutrients I'm getting would help kick my immune system into high gear, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks, Obama.

Also, the American election is today. God help us all.