My Favorites: Short Story

I write stuff. Lots of stuff, of varying lengths and in varying genres. I also read stuff, lots of it, of varying lengths and in varying genres. Some just pass the time, while others stay with me for years. These favorites inevitably end up shaping my own writing, and as some are perhaps lesser known works, I thought it would be neat to share them.

First up is my favorite short story, entitled August Heat. It's written by W.F. Harvey and was published in 1910. This story was part of an anthology we read when I was in grade 7, and while we never actually studied this story as a class, I found it while I was perusing the anthology and instantly fell in love. This isn't the story that made me want to be a writer, but it's certainly one that defines the kind of writer I want to be. It's what my grade 9 teacher would call a tale with a twist, and you can read it online here. Or, if you've got a few extra minutes, take a listen to the dramatic reading below.